Deanwood Park





 (Our iconic statue)


Are you new to this area?

Looking for a friendly place to play golf?

Over 55?

Then get in touch with Deanwood Evergreens via the Clubhouse on 01635


 There was no formal game this week as it was Good Friday, what a pity as the weather was glorious!


I wish you all a Happy Easter.


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Match v Bassett Down.

The team has been selected and is shown here.


There will be tee times available beforehand for other golfers.



Coffee from 9:30 – First Tee Time 10:15


Tee Time








Raymond Bilton


Stuart Brunsden





Richard Stapleton



Graham Bradfield




Brain Faithfull


Bob Giles





Bill Field


Anthony Allen




Rob Sim


Sid Edwards




Mike York


Nigel Connor






















Reserves :-






Andy Couling


Harry Jackson









Lunch afterwards - £??




Next Week.

===== Next week is the match v Bassett Down =====


 Tee times available beforehand.



Start Time!


Set your alarm clocks people as the start time has reverted to 08.00 hours 

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Who's partner is this?



Answer at the bottom of the page.




Have you heard this one?


 A man and his wife are pulled over by a police officer.


The officer walks up to the man's window and says "Sir you were going 60 in a 45."

The man says "I was only going 55!"

His wife hits him in the arm and says "No, you were going 65."

He gives her a very dirty look.

The officer continues "I'm also going to have to give you a ticket for a broken taillight."

The man says "Broken taillight? I had no idea."

His wife hits him in the arm again and says "What? I've been telling you to get it fixed for weeks."

The man yells "Will you be quiet?"

The officer looks at his wife and asks "Mam, does he always talk to you that way?"

The mans wife shrugs and says "Only when he drinks."






Who said?


I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game: it's called an eraser.


Was it:

a) Jack Nicklaus

b) Gary Player  or

c) Arnold Palmer


Answer at the bottom of the page.


The Deans.


 The Deans played the annual Spring Challenge over 27 holes this week.


6 teams managed to break the 100 barrier and there were 14 teams altogether.


In third place were Mike York and Keith Keer with 102, second on 104 were Monty Mason and Sid Edwards but ahead by a nose were Gordon Neale and Bill Field with 106




Gordon and Bill.


Well played all!


Next week is a roll up.




Did I?


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As you walk off the course next time ask yourself the following questions:

Did I enjoy myself?

Have I signed my card?

Did I replace my divots and repair my pitch marks?

You should answer YES to them all!

Seniors Diary.


  Fri 1-Mar Seniors Medal Apr      
  Fri 8-Mar Seniors - 123 Waltz Strokeplay   Fri 5-Apr Seniors Medal
  Fri 15-Mar Stableford/Eclectic   Fri 12-Apr Stableford/Eclectic
  Fri 22-Mar Bogey Competition   Fri 19-Apr Good Friday
  Fri 29-Mar Half & Half   Fri 26-Apr Seniors vs Basset Down (H) *
May Fri 3-May Seniors Medal Jun Fri 7-Jun Seniors Medal
  Fri 10-May Greensomes   Thur 14-Jun Seniors vs Basset Down (A) *
  Fri 17-May Stableford/Eclectic   Fri 21-Jun Stableford/Eclectic
  Thu 23-May Seniors vs Bradfield (A) #   Fri 28-Jun Awayday - Carswell f
  Fri 24-May Texas Scramble        
  Fri 31-May Les Hargreaves Trophy        
Jul Fri 5-Jul Seniors Medal Aug Fri 2-Aug Seniors Medal
  Fri 12-Jul Bowmaker Strokeplay   Fri 9-Aug Stableford/Eclectic
  Fri 19-Jul Stableford/Eclectic   Fri 16-Aug Richard Martin Charity Day
  Fri 26-Jul Yellow Ball   Fri 23-Aug Seniors vs Theale (H) #
          Fri 30-Aug Texas Scramble
Sep Fri 6-Sep Seniors Medal Oct Fri 4-Oct Seniors Medal
  Fri 13-Sep Senior vs Bradfield (H) #   Fri 11-Oct Seniors - 123 Waltz Stableford
  Fri 20-Sep Stableford/Eclectic   Fri 18-Oct Stableford/Eclectic
  Fri 27-Sep Seniors vs Theale (A) #   Fri 25-Oct Seniors - BB
      Draw Change to 8:30 Dec Fri 6-Dec Seniors Medal
Nov Fri 1-Nov Seniors Medal   Fri 13-Dec Seniors Christmas Challenge
  Fri 8-Nov Bowmaker Stableford   Fri 20-Dec Stableford/Eclectic
  Fri 15-Nov Stableford/Eclectic   Fri 27-Dec Texas Scramble
  Fri 22-Nov 6/6/6        
  Fri 29-Nov Seniors 123 Stableford        




Partner - Ian Poulter

Who said it - c) Arnold Palmer


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