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The rules & etiquette of golf is a vast subject but the basics are something that everyone should understand. We have put together this page to help all golfers understand these basics so that both the golfer themselves and other people on the course enjoy the game as they should.

The first links you will see are for scorecard assistance and then local rules which seasonal and therefore not printed on the scorecards. This is mainly about "Winter Rules".

We then have separate sections for etiquette and how to get around the course as efficiently as possible, then a section about the rules of golf. We concentrate here on very basic rules but if you have any questions please let us know.

For all your questions you can email John Bowness - General Manager on . Alternatively you can speak to John or Nigel Hart, our PGA Professional in person. The club number is 01635 48772.

If you have any other issues or subjects you would like covered on here please let us know.


For scorecard help click here

Deanwood Local Rules (additional to the scorecard)

Preferred Lies Explained (click here)


Etiquette & Getting Around the Course 

Ready Golf - Avoiding slow play (click here)

Marking your ball on the green (click here)

Marking/identifying your ball (click here)

Replacing divots (click here)

The Tee Area Explained (click here) - Nb, Deanwood use yellow as "Guests Tee" and white as "Members Tee". Ladies is always red.

Tending the flag (click here)

Your putting line (click here)

*NEW* Repairing a pitch mark



Here are some links to Youtube clips showing golf rules demonstrations.
Hopefully they will help and clearly explain some basics. We will always try and answer any questions on rules, etiquette and handicapping so please feel free to ask.

There will be a Ladies Section rules evening very soon and we can do this for other sections should they be required.


Ball Out of Bounds Rule 27 (Click here) - It is very important to know (but not mentioned in this video!) you MUST NOT remove out of bounds stakes or markers or move them in any way. They are a part of the course boundary and not obstructions.

Nearest Point of Relief (Click here) - The term "nearest point of relief" is used in many different golf rules scenarios and needs to be understood to properly take drops from paths, protected trees, rabbit scrapes, G.U.R (ground under repair) to name just a few.

Water Hazards - Rule 26 (click here)
Lateral Water Hazards (click here)
The only lateral water hazards at Deanwood are to the left of the 9th hole and beware as some of those are actually out of bounds. The ditch to the right of the 9th, at the side of the driving range, is out of bounds. See Rule 27 for "out of bounds" as it explains that you cannot just drop a ball where you crossed the course boundary.

Hitting a Provisional Ball - Rule 27 (click here)

Unplayable Ball - Rule 28 (click here)

Accidently moving your ball - Rule 18-2 (click here)

Immovable Obstruction - Rule 24-2 (click here) - In response to a request this video more 
accurately demonstrates an upright obstruction like the bell on the 9th hole at Deanwood. Remember the obstruction must interfere with your stance or the line of your intended swing, if it is just in your way (before or after you drop) that is hard luck. 
For an explanation of what "immovable obstructions" are, and "abnormal ground conditions" which also constitute taking relief under Rule 24-2 click here. This video should also mention that paths & roadways are "immovable obstructions" and a video demonstrating this is available below.
Immovable Obstruction - Rule 24-2 (click here)

*NEW* Accidentally Moving Your Ball - Rule 18-2 (click here)


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