Deanwood Park

ROLL UP AND CLUB MEDAL SATURDAY 4th September - normal tee off time 11.52 am.

Last week was a very small group of stalwarts with just 6 players.  Great Front 9 of 22 pts gave the win to Barry Farley but a very steady round of 35 pts meant Lawrence Rowe won the back 9 and overall.

* * * * *


ROLL UP SATURDAY 14th for CLUB MONTHLY STABLEFORD and normal GODS - see you all  in the Clubhouse from 11 am

* * * * *

11 PLAYERS on Saturday 7th August and definitely a round of two halves for some!!

A great result for LUKE BANNISTER winning front 9 (on countback from Bob Hamnett) and Overall with 40pts.  PAUL WESTBROOK just elbowed Luke out of a clean sweep with 21 pts to win the Back 9.  

Result 7 August.pdf


* * * * * 



LAST WEEK there were 9 players, KEITH HARDMAN won Front 9 (24pts) and Overall (40pts) with BARRY FARLEY taking the Back 9 with 20 pts.


* * * * * 

Only 8 players on Saturday but no thunder & lightning - just a little light rain!  

FRANK TANNER played his usual steady round and won Back 9 and Overall only just missing out by 1pt to MALCOLM SHEPHERD who took the Front 9.  ONE '2' on the 7th for MIKE MILLER and only inches from being a hole in one!!

 Result table 24 July.pdf

* * * * * 

Hot and sunny today but with a lovely breeze to make in enjoyable!!  Our rollover on 2's was eventually won by BARRY FARLEY with the only 2 of the day on the 14th, well done!!  The back 9 was won on countback by DAVE LYONS (6pts) from Paul Westbrook (4pts) - this went to appeal because it was alleged Dave persuaded Paul to take his driver on the 17th tee resulting in an out-of-bounds and "nil points" however, it was ruled that Paul is actually old enough to make his own decisions and so the result stands ....

An outstanding front 9 of 24 and an overall of 42 pts was shot by MIKE MILLER - obviously getting his eye in for the upcoming CAPTAIN'S CHARITY DAY on Wednesday 28th July (all welcome, please sign up online) ...

Results:  Result 17 July.pdf

NEXT WEEK:  Roll up as usual for 11.52 first tee - again, depending on numbers, we will try to play a team comp if possible.  

* * * * *

A small group last weekend - but we were lucky that we escaped the rain.  Here are the results - an unprecedented achievement by STUART ATKINSON who actually ended the round with the same ball he started with!!

 Result table 10 July 2021.pdf

Roll up tomorrow at the Club - depending on numbers we can either play a team competition of 3-2-1 Waltz (no you don't have to dance with your partners .... 1st Tee all 3 stableford scores count, 2nd tee 2 best scores count, 3rd tee best score only counts .... repeat) OR we can play as normal.  We can decide in the morning.  

HEAT WARNING for tomorrow!!!

* * * * *

A great day yesterday with the weather and also the format was hugely enjoyable.  Teams results were so close and the results - just 3 pts between the groups - were as follows:

1st Place: TEAM LYONS - Gross 60, NETT 53 pts


(TEAM BANNISTER gross 61, TEAM MAJOR gross 64)

3rd Place: TEAM WESTBROOK - Gross 64, NETT 56 pts

NEXT WEEK:  Normal GODS plus CLUB MEDAL - If you wish to play next week then please just turn up at the usual time at the Club and check in with Keith Hardman (Dianne is away next Saturday).  Draw will be done on the day and the usual first tee time is 11.52 am.


* * * * *


There are 4 teams of 3 for tomorrow's Scramble as follows:

Team Lyons:  Dave Lyons/Mike Miller/Keith Hardman.  Tee time: 11.52.  Team handicap: 7

Team Major:  Derek Major/Lawrence Rowe/Mona Butler.  Tee time:  12.00.  Team handicap: 9

Team Westbrook:  Paul Westbrook/Chris Robaczynski/Dianne McIntyre.  Tee time: 12.07.  Team handicap: 8

Team Bannister:  Luke Bannister/Barry Farley/Malcolm Sheppard.  Tee time: 12.15.  Team handicap: 6

Men off Orange, Ladies off Purple.  FIVE Tee shots to be taken by each player and marked on card.  Other normal Texas scramble rules apply.  Cards have been prepared together with handicap/score adjustment calculation sheets for your information:)

* * * * * 


Lucky with the weather today (after yesterday's downpour)!  An unusually quiet day considering we had 14 players ... in fact, generally quite a well-behaved bunch compared to normal.  

Tremendous golf
from our most senior GOD at 89 years-old - FRANK TANNER who won Front 9 and took half share of the rollover with a 2 on the 7th!!  KEITH HARDMAN took the other half share with a 2 on the 16th - well done to both!  Dark horse CHRIS (ROBBO) ROBACZYNSKI (who has obviously been having lessons in the several weeks we haven't seen him) won Back 9 and Overall.  Great scoring by all 3 players.

ANOTHER REMINDER PLEASE ... Trying to organise a Texas Scramble for next week but I need to know, preferably by Wednesday latest, if you wish to play because I need the correct team numbers and also need to draw the teams to balance out handicaps.  Thanks!!

Here are today's results:

Result table 19 June.pdf

 * * * * *

Just a quick reminder - meet around 11.15 for draw. ALL PLAYERS OFF PURPLE, normal Stableford. BEWARE  and check stroke indexes for each hole.  Ist tee at 11.52 as usual.  The course may be wet after today but forecast looks better for tomorrow, fingers crossed.


* * * *

And for those of you who missed it on FB, here is the latest tribute from our very own golfing poet laureate, 

Mr Paul Westbrook :


Golf related for my friends at Deanwood.pdf



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What a lovely day we had on Saturday for our GODS.  Nice to see Luke back (although he was only back in body and not performance for the first 2 holes)!!  Typical Brits, there were complaints about the heat by the end of the round ...

BY POPULAR DEMAND we will all be playing off the PURPLE TEES next week.  

Looking ahead TEAM TEXAS SCRAMBLE 26TH JUNE 2021.  This will be 3-balls and so it will have to be on a first come-first served basis as we need the correct numbers.  Please let me know asap if you want to play so we have time to "scramble" around to make up the right number for the teams.

Here are Saturday's results ...

Result table 12 June.pdf



* * * * *

GODS and CLUB STABLEFORD Saturday 12th June

Draw will be done at the Club in the morning - see you all around 11.20 - first tee time 11.52 am.


* * * * *

A lovely sunny day for GODS with some already complaining about the heat!! 

Have to say there were 2 outstanding rounds and otherwise a lot of average golf!  Medal day as well which no doubt put the pressure on ... WELL DONE PAUL WESTBROOK (despite winding us up beforehand with tales of too much alcohol and not enough water) and "so close but not close enough" for BARRY FARLEY!!  

RESULTS BELOW: - next week it's CLUB STABLEFORD plus our normal Stableford.  

Anyone who didn't play Saturday - please contact me if you want to be in the draw for next week .

Result table 5 June.pdf

* * * * *

14 Players today enjoying the first good weather of the year!  However it was a mixed round again with not much consistency over both 9's.  A close call on the front 9 with Barry Farley taking the win by 1 point from Mona Butler.  A very steady round from Frank Tanner gave him both the back 9 and the overall win.  There were no 2's this week.  Next week the 2's will be on the 3rd/12th and it is also June CLUB MEDAL.  All GODS who didn't play today - please let me know soonest if you will be playing next week.


Result table 29 May.pdf

* * * * *

Saturday 29th May 2021 - DRAW

Men off Orange, Ladies off Purple

2's this week will revert to the old format and be OFF 1st or 10th only ....

    GHS Playing hdcp
11.52 Frank Tanner 18.4 15
  Malcolm Sheppard 21.9 18
  Derek Major 9.3 8-2=6
  Dave Lyons 3.4 3
12.00 Keith Hardman 30.7 26
  Barry Farley 17.3 14
  Mike Miller 19.2 16-1=15
  Robert Butler 26.6 22
12.07 Toby Singleton 15.3 12
  Lawrence Rowe 24.6 20-2=18
  Mona Butler 21.1 19
12.15 Stuart Atkinson 24.8 21
  Paul Westbrook 11.6 10
  Dianne McIntyre 24.7 22



* * * * *

Nice to see a couple of new people playing GODS - Mona and Robert Butler ... a few people put off with the weather forecast today I think.  13 players, not great scoring but big WELL DONE to Lawrence who took the front and overall (front on countback from Toby).  A good back 9 from Mike after a not so glorious start ...

Here is confirmation of the results:


Result table 22 May.pdf

* * * * *

GODS Saturday 22nd May 2021

15 PLAYERS listed for tomorrow's GODS.  Normal format this week with Men off Orange, Ladies off Purple - Stableford.

Tee times as below:

    GHS Playing hdcp
11.52 Toby Singleton 15.2 12
  Keith Hardman 30.7 26
  Stuart Atkinson 24.8 21
12.00 Malcolm Sheppard 21.9 18-2=16
  Paul Westbrook 11.6 10-1=9
  Derek Major 9.1 8-2=6
12.07 Tony Greenwood 22 18
  Barry Farley 17.6 14
  Dave Lyons 3.1 3
12.15 Lawrence Rowe 25.8 21
  Mike Miller 19.2 16
  Robert Butler 26 22
12.23 Luke Bannister 7.2 6
  Mona Butler 21.1 19
  Dianne McIntyre 24.7 22

The clubhouse is now open inside - please comply with indoor restrictions - groups no bigger than 6, masks to be worn when not seated, social distancing applies.


* * * * *

A very mixed bag of weather today and fair to say a very mixed bag of golf as well!!  

An outstanding overall result from Dessie - also taking the front 9 on countback from Dave.  Well done!!  Congratulations also to Paul for his back 9.  Four players carded a 2 today - here are the results:

Result table 15 May.pdf

Handicap changes will be included in next week's draw on Friday.


* * * * * 


Saturday 15th May - GODS and Club Medal

14 Players listed for tomorrow's round, draw as follows:


    GODS hdcp Medal hdcp
11.52 Toby 11-2=9 12
  Malcolm 18-2=16 n/a
  Mark 17 n/a
  Frank 15 15
12.00 Bob 10 10
  Barry 14 14
  Paul 10 10
  Lawrence 21 19
12.07 Dave 3 3
  Dessie 9 9
  Keith 25 25
12.15 Mike 16 17
  Stuart 20 18
  Dianne 23 22

There is a possibility that Jason and Tony may turn up - if so they will add into the last 2 groups.

* * * * * *

Only 10 players listed for Saturday 8th May and, because the weather forecast promises heavy rain, there is still doubt as to who will decide to go out!  

Because of this I have not done a draw but just listed the potential players.  I'll be at the Club before first tee time of 11.52 and I've made out individual cards so people can go out on a "first come first served" basis.  Worst case scenario, there's always a coffee!!  Below is the current list with amended handicaps from last week:

  GHS Playing hdcp
Dave Lyons 3.1 3
Barry Farley 17.6 14
Tony Greenwood 22 18
Luke Bannister 7.2 6
Lawrence Rowe 25.3 21
Malcolm Sheppard 21.4 18-2=16
Stuart Atkinson 23.8 20
Keith Hardman 30.2 25
Derek Major 10.7 9
Toby Singleton 14.2 11-2=9
 Mark Dillon  20.7  17

Normal Stableford - Orange tees



* * * * * * *


Some good scoring today including  5 2's - Dave Lyons getting 2 of them  !!! 

Well played Malcolm for Front and Overall!  Mike just pipped Lawrence and Paul on countback for the back 9 win!  Cuts shown are "winner cuts" - handicaps will be reviewed accordingly and posted with next week's draw on Friday.

Here are the results:


Result table 1 May.pdf




* * * * *

MAY DAY DRAW - Saturday 1st May 2021

Today will be standard STABLEFORD with Men off Orange and Ladies off Purple.  Following last weeks results, handicaps have now been reviewed in keeping with how it was always done in GODS in order that everyone has a fair and competitive opportunity.  So instead of the WHS (World) starting hdcp, there is now a GHS (GODS) starting hdcp.  So, depending on play, handicaps may change each week with additional cuts for "money winners".  Below is the draw PLEASE NOTE EARLIER FIRST TEE OFF:

Tee time   GHS Playing
11.45 Dave Lyons 3.2 3
  Chris Robaczynski 18 15
  Frank Tanner 18.4 15
11.52 Jason Borcherds 9.2 8
  Barry Farley 17.5 14
  Tony Greenwood 22 18
12.00 Luke Bannister 7.6 6
  Lawrence Rowe 25.3 20
  Malcolm Sheppard 23.4 19
12.07 Stuart Atkinson 23.5 19
  Mark Dillon 20.7 17
  Keith Hardman 30.2 25
12.15 Mike Miller 21.2 17
  Allen Thomas 28.4 24
  Paul Westbrook 12.8 10-2=8
12.23 Derek Major 9.7 8-1=7
  Dianne McIntyre 25.9 22
  Toby Singleton 13.8 11-2=9


* * * * * 

Sunny but windy and still chilly today!!  

  • A warm welcome to new GOD Malcolm Sheppard!!
  • Paul Flack also joined us and, although not a member (yet) plans to come again!
  • Hopefully we will also see Tony Greenwood join us from next week!!

There were 2 x 2's on this rollover week - well done Dessie and Baz!

Well done Toby and Dessie on their rounds today ...

Next week is a Bank Holiday weekend so please let me know asap if you can't play as I shall be asking for an extra tee time in the hope we may be 21 players ...

Result table 24 April.pdf



* * * * * 


Saturday 24th April 2021 GODS:

We will be playing STABLEFORD tomorrow - Men off the GREEN Tees, Ladies off Purple.  Below is the draw and handicaps after adjustments.  One card has been prepared for each group but please use individual cards as well if you wish to put your card into the club afterwards.  I have not heard back from Frank at the time of posting so, if he is not playing then Mark Dillon will move into the 12.15 group.

    WHS Course 95%
11.52 Toby Singleton 15 13 12
  Derek Major 10.3 9 9
  Paul (Toby's friend) 22 22 21
12.00 Claire Goddard 24.3 22 21(1)=20
  Dave Lyons 3.2 3 3
  Paul Westbrook 13.4 11 10(2)=8
12.07 Mark Dillon 18 15 14
  Barry Farley 17.5 15 14(2)=12
  Lawrence Rowe 25.3 21 20
12.15 Allen Thomas 27.9 24 23
  Stuart Atkinson 22.3 19 18
  Frank Tanner 18.4 16 15
12.23 Keith Hardman 30.2 26 25
  Mike Miller 21.1 18 17
  Malcolm Sheppard 23.0 20 19
  Dianne McIntyre 23.9 21 20




* * * * * 

What great weather for golf today!!  A few points of note ...

  • We say goodbye to Tom who is moving up to the Wirral next week - bon voyage!!
  • Someone please tell Bazza that Covid rules' relaxation means he is now allowed to get a haircut
  • Paul needs to start putting his cards in for a review of his WHS (if only to pacify Bob)
  • Pain was felt with a return to Orange Tees ...

Well done to the winners - No 2's this week so there is a £15 rollover

Again, I will put everyone in for next week (except Bob and Ed) so please let me know asap if you can't play as it could be a team format next week ...

Thank you for the Captain's Charity donations today .... Results link below


Result table 17 April.pdf

* * * * * *


Saturday 17th April 2021 GODS:

We will be playing STABLEFORD tomorrow - Men off the Orange Tees, Ladies off Purple.  Below is the draw and handicaps after adjustments.  One card has been prepared for each group but please use individual cards as well if you wish to put your card into the club afterwards.  As you will be aware, it is the funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh tomorrow and there is a national minute's silence at 3 pm - there is no directive from the Club but if you wish to observe this during your round, then please feel free to do so.

    WHS Course 95%
11.52 Chris Robaczynski 18 16 15
  Luke Bannister 7.6 7 7
  Toby Singleton 15 13 12
12.00 Derek Major 10.3 9 9
  Ed Wylie 22.2 19 18
  Allen Thomas 27.9 24 23
12.07 Barry Farley 17.5 15 14 (2)= 12
  Dave Lyons 3.2 3 3
  Stuart Atkinson 22.3 19 18
12.15 Bob Hamnett 11.9 10 10
  Mark Dillon 18 16 15
  Paul Westbrook 13.2 11 10
12.23 Lawrence Rowe 25.3 22 21
  Tom 29.6 26 25
  Dianne McIntyre 23.9 22 21




* * * * * *


Another chilly one but 15 hardy souls turned out today and there were some really good scores - 

Well done to the winners - this week for Front 9, Back 9 and Overall and 5 2's carded!!

I shall put everyone in for next week unless you let me know otherwise - before FRIDAY please.  We will be playing STABLEFORD off Orange (Men) and Purple (Ladies).   

Result table 10 April.pdf



Saturday 10th April 2021 GODS:

We will be playing off the PURPLE TEES again on Saturday - but this time it will be STABLEFORD.  Below is the draw, tee times and new handicaps after adjustments for this format - (Men have received +3 for this format, Ladies -1.6.  There is also a -1 cut for last week's winners).  CARDS HAVE BEEN PREPARED TO COLLECT ON ARRIVAL so that I just have one card per group to take away please.

      Winner cut  
11.52 Barry Farley 17    
  Bob Hamnett 13    
  Chris Robaczynski 17    
  Claire Goddard 26 -1 25

Dave Lyons

6 -1 5
  Derek Major 12    
  Jason Borcherds 11    
  Lawrence Rowe 23    
12.07 Lewis Carver 18    
  Luke Bannister 9    
  Tom 27    
  Mike Miller 20    
12.15 Paul Westbrook 13 -1 12
  Stuart Atkinson 21    
  Toby Singleton 15    
  Dianne McIntyre 20    


It was great to be back for our first GODS since January

So good to see everyone although it was much colder than we had hoped for Easter Saturday - let's believe that things can only get better, in all respects.

Some interesting golfing scores but it's a massive  WELL DONE to Claire for a brilliant win!!!  Here are the results:


Result table 3 April.pdf




Saturday 3rd April 2021 GODS:

We will be playing off the PURPLE TEES on Saturday - Strokeplay (ie Medal play) and not Stableford this week.  Below is the draw, tee times and new handicaps after adjustments for course/tee and format allowances.  CARDS HAVE BEEN PREPARED TO COLLECT ON ARRIVAL so that I just have one card per group to take away please.

11.45 Mike Miller 17
  Stuart Atkinson 18
  Luke Bannister 6
  Jason Borcherds 8

Lewis Carver

  Mark Dillon 14
  Barry Farley 14
  Claire Goddard 27
12.00 Bob Hamett 10
  Mona Butler 20
  Dave Lyons 3
  Derek Major 9
12.07 Chris Robaczynski 14
  Lawrence Rowe 20
  Toby Singleton 12
  Frank Tanner 14
12.15 Allen Thomas 22
  Paul Westbrook 10
  Ed Wylie 18
  Dianne McIntyre 22

Usual £5 entry - £4 of which makes up the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  As a "last hurrah" for the poor Captain's Charity, I'm asking that we put the remaining £1 towards that this week.  There will also be Easter Cake.  Prizes from our previous 2-Ball Texas Scramble from 2nd January will be there to collect.  Regarding handicaps, the ones shown are applicable for mixed medal play off Purple tees ONLY.  Some handicaps will change when we play Stableford and off Orange or Green tees going forward.

** There will be a fine this week of £1 for the Captain's Charity each time anyone says "Ladies tee" **





A MOST ENJOYABLE 2-BALL TEXAS SCRAMBLE was played on Saturday 2nd January 2021 in line with Tier 4 restrictions.  Here are the results:

GODS 2 Result.pdf



GODS 17/10/20

GODS October 17th.pdf


GODS 10/10/20

GODS October 10th.pdf



Best 5 scores leaderboard.pdf



Gods Master Eclectic Summer 2020.pdf



Some of our GODS - 6th July 2019


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